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Breaking News: I am so thrilled that the 10 day online vision improvement course is finally ready. After over 20 years of teaching vision improvement, this one will support millions around the world.

You can sign up for the free 15 minute webinar and watch it straight away. It is at https://lj143.isrefer.com/go/epwebinar/eyepower

Included is a discount for your support to the online course.

Uplifting Humanity

Barry Auchettl is a Vision Entreprneur from Australia who supports change through conscious awareness and personal growth. He is the creator of 'Conversations: an inspirational game', author of 'One Vision' and 'The Scan Charts'

Barry is also an international speaker, radio host, limitless mindset coach specialising in Sabotage Clearing, and founder of Life Vision Mentoring, Eye Power, Pro Tennis Power and Pro Golf Power

Thank you Barry for the amazingly powerful Life Audit session you gave me today. I was blown away by your accuracy and how you zoomed in on what the important issues are for me. Your coaching has given me renewed vigor for my life and for the first time in a long time, I am excited by my future. I love the way you talk straight and are nurturing at the same time. 

You were spot on! I will be implementing the key issues that came up for me and will keep you posted.                 

 Luciana Todd, CEO - Om Shanti College, Australia

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